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Middleton High School8

Middleton, WI | Dane County

November 29, 2014

There are lots of opportunities for the Advanced Placement students, and, there are a lot of resources for students who are self motivated and have the self initiative to study. However, the fact that students start every other day at 9:20 makes no sense. It is a waste of time, most students sleep in or go to the local hang outs (Starbucks), or go to other people's homes when parents are not around. There are some very good teachers because people want to be in a good district, but there is an very high turnover rate in both teachers and administration. All students are allowed to go to lunch outside of the high school including freshmen, something most high schools do not do. This school is best for the student who is self-disciplined and is focused on studying, music or sports. There are a lot of clubs and opportunities for students who want to be involved. But if your child is not, then put him in this school with caution and try to be aware as much as you can of who they are hanging out with. Lots of kids with money to burn, so if you are middle class, get ready for your kids wanting to fit in and asking you for money you don't have.

Submitted by a parent

June 13, 2014

To respond to the out of date Middleton High school may have a few problems and the administration might be one of them however I would say to those who say it isn't culturally diverse you are quite wrong. We not only have staff and administration of all different ethnicities (literally all the way around the world), but we also have a very strong LGBT group so you really don't get more diverse. The ratio of white to African- Americans may not be the best but there are definitely plenty of "diverse people". what ever that means anymore. We as students are not racist. It's been like 20 years since that was over so we need to move on. It shouldn't matter if your white kid has no other white kids to hang out with or vise versa. They are all the same. As for the administration issue. Dr Hermann which, yes does seem to be a problem, has decided to move to California where she plans on making a lot more to do the same job. We will be finding out who the new principle is in just a few weeks. You will find that there is also an amazing sports and arts program at the school as well. There are around 4 to 5 plays and musicals every year in the infamous PAC where hundreds may come to enjoy.

Submitted by a student

October 3, 2013

I was a student at Middleton High School and have siblings that also attended. I could not have asked for more passionate and supportive teachers or a better academic program. I took mostly honors classes and was very well prepared for college. Also, there is a lot of school spirit and I had fun in my four years there. One of my siblings was in their special needs program. From my experience, parent involvement and communication with special education teachers is important to make sure everyone is seeing eye-to-eye. However, it is one of the best programs available and Wisconsin is known to provide exceptional support to special needs families. Overall, Middleton is a great high school and getting an education there is a fantastic opportunity.

Submitted by a student

July 8, 2013

I was totally disappointed in MHS. The principal doesn't listen to parents or students and staff are afraid of her. Block scheduling was a disaster and the new group math program is a mess. There were some good teachers but if your child had a bad teacher you were just out of luck. There is no accountability of the teachers or the administration. They harass students for breaking minor rules and threaten seniors the entire year that if they don't follow the rules they will not walk. There is no reinforcement of positive behavior. Both my kids hated this school. The music and arts programs were a solid 5 stars and helped my kids survive, so there were some real strengths as well.

Submitted by a parent

June 2, 2013

The school, teacher, and environment is nice. However, the principal, Dr. Hermann, is an autocratic. She disregards all parents' and students' feedback and has changed the daily school schedule three times in four years without the approval of any of the parents or students. The staff are afraid to speak out and the principal impolitely brushes off parents and their concerns. I think the school is great but it needs a new, charismatic, accessible principal. I did make my concerns about the scheduling changes apparent to her and her administration but I was unduly ignored.

Submitted by a parent

May 5, 2013

My school is not very culturally diverse. While there are some people who are not white, minorities ( anyone not white) make up about 10% of the whole school population at the most. I do however like how there are many good teachers who will be there for you when you need them, and who are always willing to help. Our school could improve by not always slacking in administration and also by not being so unavailable to students half the time.

Submitted by a student

October 24, 2011

I love Middleton High School! I always feel supported. We recently switched to block scheduling. I actually like it! I didn't think I would. It gives me a chance to become more personal with my teachers and they can get more done in a lesson plan. The only complaints that I would have are that the lunch is WAY too short and sometimes there is a lot of homework. Other than that, I love it! But we have great academics, athletics, arts and music departments! Our drama department is exceptional. Our student council is filled with outstanding leaders. We have SO much school spirit! I can't imagine going anywhere else. This is a GREAT school to go to if you wish to have a positive high school experience.

Submitted by a student

November 25, 2010

Great school for white students! I can't speak for the other side. All I know is that when I went there not too long ago, there were less than a dozen African-Americans students in the whole school, and there were no colored teachers or administrators. The Madison area in general is fairly racist (not diverse), so sadly I don't see this being viewed as an issue (or noticed at all) by most in the community. Btw, I am white and have no learning disabilities.

Submitted by a student

November 12, 2009

Repeated attempts to get my son who has a chronic illness the support he needs went unattended until I contacted the district. Should I have to work that hard? I was contacting the right people at MHS per the district, they just didn't respond. There are some great teachers, but a lot of teachers who are waiting out their time until they get their good retirement package. And, the administration seems to have no control over the system that is MHS or the teachers; there is very little accountability. Very slow to react on everyone's part.

Submitted by a parent

November 3, 2009

Middleton High School deserves 0 stars for special education programming. The staff are unresponsive to communication with parents, they don't understand (& seem not to care) about recognizing special education needs & how they manifest in students who are truly in need of extra care. It appears to be through the formal DPI grievance system that they are only minimally responsive to significant concerns. While Middleton HS may boast about their ratings for mainstream students, those students are seemingly unaware of how their school discriminates against their disabled peers.

Submitted by a parent

September 17, 2009

Middleton High School as an outstanding special education department which is doing great things for my grand daughter.

April 30, 2009

Middleton is the best high school in the Madison area IMHO with perhaps the exception of Verona High School. We have two kids at Middleton - one who is about to graduate - and have been very impressed with the school's well thought out curriculum and student advisee program that prepares students at each stage of their high school experience. This begins with the freshman advisory program where students are assigned to a home room that is used to focus on individual needs, develop learning skills and to promote a learning community. As in any school, you will find a few, bad apple teachers, but overall they are very supportive of students and excellent at what they do. The other nice thing about Middleton Public Schools is that you avoid much of the negative politicization such as what occurs in the Madison School District. Middleton focuses on students first.

Submitted by a parent

April 8, 2009

This is a school of excellence! The wide variety of opportunities and high standards for learning and leadership are only part of the reason this is a top high school.

Submitted by a parent

May 29, 2008

Response to March 12, 2008 post- I am wondering what you mean by 'the curriculum and staff are not culturally sensitive'? As far as truancy rates and academic performance issues, I would argue this is more a reflections of student drive/determination and parental involvement, not the job of the teachers. Any student at this school that wants to succeed has plenty of opportunity to achieve at a very high level, regardless of race or religion or any other demographic. This goes for co-curriculars as well, no student has ever been turned down for a team based on race. The Middleton population as a whole is not all that diverse and therefore neither is the high school, although minority numbers have increased in recent years. I don't understand how you can discount a school for this fact. I am also wondering what area high school you ended up placing your daughter and why?

Submitted by a parent

March 12, 2008

I do not rate this school very high for an African-American student. My daughter and I did not have a welcoming or positive experience here. The curriculum and staff are not culturally sensitive, nor are any trained in this area. There are no African-american teachers or administrators on staff, and little diversity exists in its co-curricular activities. The stats for minority students are very daunting: academic achievement is low and truancy is very high for students of color and there are no support programs or activities to promote these students' connectedness to the school. Also, they do not honor Martin Luther King Jr. day as a holiday, and when the teachers/administrators and union had an opportunity to observe it as one in 2006, in spite of parent and student petitions, they voted against it. I withdrew my child from this school due to racial disparities and inequities.

Submitted by a parent

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